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1. Summary

KPFZ has two new computers in the main studio.

Plan 1

The KTR computer (CH17 in the diagram) is used mainly for Total Recorder Record/Replay of shows. It is "Always On", and can be accessed only by a few administrators (Andy and John S).

The KBO computer (CH18/SBO in the diagram) is intended for use by qualified Board Operators (either in the studio or remote). It is "Almost Always On". It will be set up with a BLUE Screen. The KBO computer is used for:

  • Uploading a pre-Recorded show (RemotePC) - FUTURE
  • Playing Computer Media into the studio sound board (eg USB sticks, Streaming)
  • Combining the Station Board and a Zoom Meeting - WITH the KPFZ call-in lines (Zoom)
  • Running a Remote show with nobody in the studio (RemotePC and Zoom) - FUTURE

Note that the "MP3" board input can still be used without going through the studio computers. Two LAN cables are provided in the Board Operator / Guest area which can be used to access the internet directly. (This is because I have found the WiFi connection to be unreliable).

The first section contains essential instructions for everyone. Later sections describe "Host/Board Operator" capabilities on the KBO computer. The last sections are for detailed set-up by administrators, and for the use of the KBO computer.

The capabilities of this system will probably change rapidly over time.

The KTR computer is assigned to the studio sound board channel 17

The KBO computer is assigned to the studio sound board channel 15, and for Zoom meetings will get its input from the Studio Board MONO2 Output.

For general comments use the mailing list. For emergencies email, text or call a sysadmin


Breaking the KBO computer might result in the loss of your show and a couple of following shows.

The specific "DO NOTS" are as follows.

  • Do not set the computer to sleep, or restart or shutdown.
  • Do not log off, or log into another account (even if you have one)
  • If any program (or Windows) offers to update or restart -- Decline. Inform sysadmin.
  • Do not touch the audio settings (speaker, mixer) except within (eg) Zoom.
  • Do not install any software or browser extension of any kind.
  • Do not use the computer for recreational browsing of any kind.
  • Do not play youtube (etc) on the air if it includes ads. "Skip Ad" is not safe enough.
  • Do not play anything with cuss words of any kind.
  • Do not give any shared passwords to ANYONE.
One "feature" of RemotePC is that only one user can access the screen at a time. So do not leave it "open"
  • Use the UPLOAD mode if you just want to upload files -- FUTURE
  • Connect with RemotePC ONLY during your show (half an hour before, and a quarter hour after -- KBO shows will NOT usually be scheduled back-to-back).
Reservations of the KBO computer will be made by (scheduling a KPFZ Zoom meeting?? .. even if you don't use Zoom. Describe the reservation in the comments.

The following are the equivalent of "Board Normalization" and should be done when you set up and leave a computer session.

  • Pot down CH15
  • If you changed any audio settings (eg in Zoom) set them back to defaults.
  • Make sure RemotePC is running. You can stop a Session. but NOT the main RemotePC App.
  • Leave the Chrome tab with Mail running.

3. KBO Board Operator Requirements and Agreement

This is a draft, subject to Station Manager approval.

3.1. Requirements

  • A basicknowledge of Windows computers (Windows 7 and up).
    You need to be able to log in, open a broser window, read the studio email and click on the links And then lock the screen when you leave.
  • An email account. You will also use the account in Chrome
  • A cell phone with TEXT capability (eg to accept authorization codes) - FUTURE
  • A subscription to the KBO mailing list - email for an invitation

3.2. Agreement

  • You will use the KBO computer only in the approved manner.
  • You will not share passwords with anyone (even other KBO operators)
  • You will monitor the KBO mailing list

4. Board Operator Scenarios (KBO)

This section describes some of the things you can do with the approved tools. You may well be able to do something else by a different combination of tools.

You can always bring your own computer into the studio and play into the MP3 channel. Your choice, your risk ... but accidentally playing a commercial Ad could cost the station $20,000. Something with the F-word? $300,000

You are approved to use only the following programs on the KBO computer:
  • Chrome Browser, with approved extensions. (Do NOT use Chrome to store passwords).
  • RemotePC to access the KBO computer remotely, including uploads of pre-recorded shows
  • Total Recorder to play sound files, usually .MP3 via a USB memory stick.
  • Zoom to set up on-air meetings via Channel 15.
  • Bitwarden will be used for passwords.
  • KPFZ email studio account (on Chrome)
IGNORE this section.
  • OBS (Open Broadcast Studio)
    For zoom you will share screen / audio to the OBS app -- NOT the system sound option.

Other programs may be added in time, but only after they've been certified by a sysadmin. If you have a suggestion, it will be checked out off-line (the current sysadmin has an identical system) and then installed for general use.

The steps for setting up for Board Operator are in a separate section.

The following describes various "scenarios" which have been checked out and approved. The guidelines are that you will play exactly what you want : nothing added, nothing taken away. In most cases we will be avoiding using the standard Windows audio bus (select output, set mixer etc etc) because doing anything wrong here might leave the next program with bad settings.

4.1. Live Studio Show with Zoom

For the time being live Zoom shows must be preceeded and should be followed by a recorded show.

This is described in a separate document.

4.2. Playing off a USB Memory Stick

Use the board mic and headphones.

Insert the USB stick into one of the KBO usb ports.

Play the music clip on Total Recorder. Adjust the output volume in Total Recorder.

Note that you can create "Setlists" in Total Recorder.

4.3. Uploading a Pre-Recorded Show - FUTURE

Use RemotePC with the "Upload" option.

If your computer doesn't have RemotePC there are other options for this. (eg FTP).

4.4. Remote Show with Zoom - FUTURE

NOTE : at present we can only talk to the studio computers through Zoom. So even if this is a solo show you still need to do it through Zoom. Talk is better than phoning in, and music is adequate.

Before the show, email the invitation to any zoom participants and to
Before the show, download your underwriter .MP3's

Start the Zoom meeting off-line. The host and guests (if any) will join the meeting.

Use RemotePC to connect to the KBO computer.
KBO: Click on the email link and JOIN the meeting.
KBO: Set the zoom input to the Board Audio.
KBO: Start the show by setting the zoom output to the studio board.

Do the show on your computer.
Use Zoom Share Audio / Windows Speaker to play the underwriter CD's and any other media.

Guests with a computer can join the meeting (but use a waiting room)
Callers can phone in .. but they have to key in the meeting ID and passcode.

(I am still investigating how to connect a caller directly.)

KBO: End the show by setting zoom output to speakers.(part of normalizing)
KBO: Leave meeting
KBO: Normalize the settings
KBO: Close RemotePC session

4.5. Remote Show without Zoom on KBO

We'll work on this after the "Zoom" system is tested. It might be possible to "stream" from Zoom directly to the studio computer, or for a music program, from a system like OBS.

5. Board Operator Mode SETUP (KBO)

You will use only the following pre-approved programs on KBO:
  • RemotePC to access the KBO computer remotely, including uploads of pre-recorded shows
  • Zoom to arrange meetings AND to play anything onto Channel 15.
  • Bitwarden will be used for passwords.
  • Chrome Browser (Do NOT use it to store passwords).
  • KPFZ email studio account.

5.1. Email Account

You will need a personal email account, and monitor it closely.

Join the KPFZ Studio Computer mailing list by clicking here. XXXX

5.2. Bitwarden Account

Install the Bitwarden password manager under your email. Then switch to the KBO account -- this will have passwords to other features, like Zoom.

5.3. Install and Register RemotePC

Install RemotePC from XXX. It is available in Windows and Apple Mac (But I have no experience of them).

I am still working on the details of RemotePC. For the time being you may need to log in to a shared account.

Do NOT add your computer to RemotePC, even though it wants you to do that as soon as you register. (We only have a few licenses.)

5.4. Personal Zoom Account

Install a free Zoom account under your email. Learn how to use it there.