1. Total Recorder (TR)

A separate proposal is a total re-working of the "Old" KPFZ Total Recorder system, which is labor-intensive and error-prone.

The basic philosophy is "every hour on the hour". TR will start RECORDING - of both live and treplayed shows. And every hour it will try to PLAY a file: if it's a live show, there will be no file. If it's a replay (or pre-recorded) it will play the file.

  • Every recorded segment is one hour long (give or take a few seconds). A two-hour show is two one-hour shows back-to-back.

  • Total recorder knows NOTHING about the show. It only knows the day and the time : "Mon@11-00" or "Tue@15-00"). Once the "programming day" has been set up, the schedule NEVER has to be changed.

  • TR will start a RECORDING every hour, TO a file named (eg) "2021-05-08_Sat@11-00" (YYYY-MM-DD_DAY@HH-MM)
    This will capture a live show, and any repeats exactly as they were played on air. If someone interrupts a replay for an emergency THAT will be in the recording.

  • TR will start PLAYING every hour, FROM a file named (eg) "Tue@15-00" (DAY@HH-MM)

    If there is a LIVE show at that time there should be NO file of that name. TR will quietly end,and not replay anything.

    If there IS a file by that name (replay or pre-recorded), TR will play it.

2. Schedule

2.1. Spreadsheet Format

The KPFZ Schedule is held in a spreadsheet file, saved in "Tab-Separated-Values" TSV file.

In its simplest form, each show is described by a row of values. (This is a slightly simplified explanation).

The columns are:

  • Row data type. Shows are types 2 and 4 : other values are used to describe genres of shows (music,talk) etc
  • Show Database Name - eg HamRadio
    This is used by both the Web Schedule system and by the Total Recorder Script system.
  • Printable Name[s]: Ham Radio
  • Tag Line : a brief description of the show
  • Hosts
  • Length (2-hour shows will be automatically split into two one-hour shows)
  • Show Times
In every case the Schedule Script system will look at the Show Times to see whch show is playing - eg CelticCollage.-

2.2. Simplest Case - Same Day Every Week

In this case the slot is not shared. The same show plays every week at the specified time.

The "Show Time Entry" for Ham Radio will read:

Every Monday 2 pm L

That's it. One live show, no replays.

The Schedule/Scripting system will look to see what show was playing on July 5, 2021 at 2 pm --- HamRadio and will put it in the archives as

2021 > 07-Jul > HamRadio_2021-07-05_Mon@14-00

2.3. 1st Monday (Every month)

1st Monday 2 pm L

2.4. 1st,2nd and 3rd Monday (Every month)

1st:2nd:3rd Monday 2 pm L

2.5. 1st Monday (Even/odd month)

EvenMonth+1st Monday 2 pm L

This might alternate with another show

OddMonth+1st Monday 2 pm L

2.6. Last / NotLast Monday

Last Monday 2 pm L

Note that the Last Monday might be the 4th or the 5th. Another shared show might be

ExceptLast Monday 2 pm L