1. Summary

KPFZ has three computers in the main studio board area.

Plan 1

The KTR computer (CH17/KTR in the diagram) is used mainly for Total Recorder Record/Replay of shows. It is "Always On", and can be accessed only by a few administrators (Andy and John S). Board operators can initiate a replay by pressing the "Play" button on the Total Recorder window. This computer is activated by potting up "CH17 Playback" on the studio board. If you leave it potted up during a live show you will get a bad echo.

The KBO computer (CH15/KBO in the diagram) is intended for use by qualified Board Operators (either in the studio or remote). It is "Almost Always On". This computer is activated by potting up "CH15 External" on the studio board.

The KBO computer is used for:

  • Combining the Station Board and a Zoom Meeting - WITH the KPFZ call-in lines (Zoom) - TRAINING in NOVEMBER,
  • Playing Computer Media into the studio sound board (eg USB sticks, Streaming) - SOON
  • Uploading a pre-Recorded show (RemotePC) - FUTURE
  • Running a Remote show with nobody in the studio (RemotePC and Zoom) - FUTURE
The Stream computer (under the turntables) is used for the live stream. If the stream goes down you should check that it is plugged in and turned on.

Note that the "MP3" board input can still be used without going through the studio computers. Two LAN cables are provided in the Board Operator / Guest area which can be used to access the internet directly. (The WiFi connection is unreliable).

There is one other computer in the studio - The Radio Frequency laptop to the right of the turntables. Do not touch this!

For general comments use the mailing list. For emergencies email, text or call a sysadmin