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1. Summary

This section describes Zoom operations in detail, and enough "computer operator" knowledge to run a Zoom show.

There are three separate roles, which might be done by the same or different people.

BO: Board Operator
ZO: Zoom Operator / Owner
SH: Show Host.

If you want to do a Zoom show, you need to cover all three bases. Tip: do NOT try to do all three.

Only use Zoom if there is a replay before it. Allow 15 minutes for setup, even if you are experienced. In the future it may be possible for the Zoom operator to set up and shut down the studio computer Zoom session remotely.

It might be OK to have a live show after the zoom, but you'll have to do a quick shut-down.

This document should be read in parallel with the "Zoom Checklist". This document provides some details.

For general comments use the mailing list. For emergencies email, text or call a sysadmin


The specific "DO NOTS" are as follows.

  • Do not set the computer to sleep, or restart or shutdown.
  • Do not log off, or log into another account (even if you have one)
    LOCK the screen when you leave.
  • If any program (or Windows) offers to update or restart -- Decline. Inform sysadmin.
  • Do not touch the audio settings (speaker, mixer).
  • Do not install any software or browser extension of any kind.
  • Do not use the computer for recreational browsing of any kind.
  • Do not play youtube (etc) on the air if it includes ads. "Skip Ad" is not safe enough.
  • Do not play anything with cuss words of any kind.
  • Do not store anything on the KBO computer's drive (eg Zoom Record Local).
  • Do not give any shared passwords to ANYONE.

3. Passwords

You will need to know several passwords. See the separate document.

4. Zoom Invitation

This is done by the "Zoom Operator".

For a one-hour show, or more than two participants, you need a paid account.

If you have only two users (one remote, one in the studio) you might be able to get away with a free account, but you will have to run a new zoom session every half hour.

The main decision you need to make is whether you are going to publicize the link, in which case you MUST use a waiting room. You MUST start the meeting 15 minutes before the show.

If you only have invited guests, then you can set the invitation to "Users can join any time" (Under "Options".) But you must NOT be in any other zoom meeting 15 minutes before your show. As soon as both you and the studio have joined the meeting you must make studio a co-host.

Email the invitation to

For a repeated show, send this email before EVERY show. The BO should check the emails before the show, but will NOT monitor this mail during the show.

5. Zoom Failure

The rules here are : NO DEAD AIR, and no excessive chit-chat about details.

5.1. STUDIO ZOOM Failure

HOST must dial in immediately. After Host (and maybe guest) has dialed in. BO restart Studio Zoom.

5.2. HOST ZOOM Failure

BO will fill dead air. Host will dial in and THEN try to restart Zoom.

Hosts with bad internets (yes you, Betsy) should consider dialling by phone (and muting) AND by Zoom. BO can keep both Zoom and Phone potted up.


Kill it immediately. BO will take Zoom off-air (CH15 down), and ZO will mute all and eject a single person.

If need be, End Meeting for All.

If early in the show, restart Zoom. If late, finish by phone.

6. Communication during the show

Everyone SHOULD monitor the Chat for the meeting. But the Board Operator might be busy on studio stuff and not watching the screen.

I personally would prefer a text message, since I can move my phone from one side of the studio to the other, and get an alert.

If you have a complicated message, send an email to AND in chat tell the BO to look for it.