1. Summary

This document is an index to everything associated with the studio computers.
  • Everyone who is interested in using the new computer should read the first introductory document:
    KPFZ Studio Computers Summary
    You might also watch this "walk through" video: KBO-Studio-Walk-through.mp4
  • Anyone who plans to use the Zoom system needs to read the next section.
  • Other sections describe more uses of the KBO computer, and some detailed responsibilities of users.
  • The last sections are technical, for those who maintain the system
To use the studio computers you will have to join a "groups.io" mailing list. Email kbo@kpfz.com for an invitation, or for more information.

Do NOT bookmark individual sections ... use this Index, which will be updated.

2. Selecting the Monitor

If you turn the monitor on (the power strip as you come in) and the KBO screen shows either a Window with a BLUE background, or a Pretty picture which allows you to log in, then you can skip this step.

Otherwise do this: KPFZ Selecting the monitor

3. Zoom with the Studio Board

Anyone planning to use the ZOOM feature must read these (and associated documents):

KPFZ Studio Computers Zoom Tutorials

KBO Zoom Checklist

The full checklist is the MAIN document for all this. Everything else provides details or explanations.

KBO Zoom Details (In progress)

4. Other uses of the KBO computer

Anyone wanting to use the KBO computer in other ways needs to read this:

KBO Board Operator Details (In progress)

5. Technical Details

This section describes the computers and connections in detail.

Note: The initial documentation used the prefix "KRS" -- this is being changed to "KSC", but it may take time to propagate into all the documents.

KPFZ Studio Computers (Hardware) Version 6.2 9/20/22
KPFZ Studio Computers (Software) Version 6.2 9/20/22

KPFZ Studio Computers (Operations) Version 6.3 9/20/22
KPFZ Studio Computesr Cables and Accessories Version 6.2 9/20/22

The following are "working documents" and are not fully up to date. For example, we will be using RemotePC instead of Teamviewer.

KPFZ Studio Computers (Accounts) Version 5.1 9/29/21
(This is not being published, for obvious reasons! Email for the Sekret Link)

KPFZ Studio Computers (Setup) Version 5.2 6/4/22

The following two documents describe a proposal for how to handle Total Recorder, Archiving of Shows, and Scripts to assist the above. All individual components have been tested, but I need a decision on this in order to proceed with the production version.

KPFZ Studio Computers - Total Recorder Version 1.3 7/14/21
KPFZ Studio Computers - Schedule and Scripts Version 1.2 6/30/21

This proposal is presently on hold.