Selecting the KBO Monitor 3/1/2023

At present two computers share the monitor -- the KBO computer (with a VGA connection) and the KTR computer (using HDMI).

Make sure the monitor is turned on! (Power strip as you come in).

At the bottom right of the monitor are four switches:

[1] [2] [^] [v]

Warning : I didn't get screenshots, and need to check these instructions. There are on-screen instructions with the actual button commands.

[1] Show Options - Onscreen menu appears

[^][v] Move up and down until "Select Input" is highlightd

[2] Choose "Select Input"

I think there are three entries to pick from:

top -- is VGA (But it doesn't say that) -- KBO Computer
middle - not used
bottom - HDMI - KTR computer

If the associated computer is OFF then its line will be grayed out.
Squint under the rack and see if there's a GREEN light in the left-bottom corner of the computer.

If not, press the button at the bottom left of the computer: the computer should wake up and the Monitor Input should be selectable.

[^][v] Until the TOP row is highlighted

I think the following is right ... the Onscreen Menu will give the options.

[2] (or is it [1]) Click to Select the input
[1] To leave the Monitor setup menu.

You should now see either a Windows desktop with a Blue background, or a pretty picture for the Login Screen.

If this doesn't work, you'll have to trace the VGA input to the monitor to make sure it didn't get disconnected.