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1. Zoom KBO Checklist

This section shows how to run a Zoom Meeting merged with the Studio Board.

There are three separate roles, which might be done by the same or different people.

BO: Board Operator
ZO: Zoom Operator / Owner
SH: Show Host.

Tip: do NOT try to do all three.

It presumes there is a Replay before the show.

Note that the Board Operator can NOT play music from the KBO computer that will be heard by both the Zoom meeting AND on the air.

The Show Host / Zoom Operator CAN share music which will be heard by both.

Schedule Meeting

Step BO ZO SH Action Comment
1 - X - Create Meeting and email to -- Before EVERY show.
Send the invitation to any guests separately and without
ZO must have a PAID Account
2 X Set Waiting Room, or Join Anytime If the Invite is to be published, it MUST have a waiting room.

Before the Show -- allow at least 15 minutes

Step BO ZO SH Action Comment
3 X Set up computer -Turn on monitor, set up keyboard and mouse Optional camera, watching phone lights
4 X If the screen is blank or has a red background, select the monitor using the controls on the bottom right of the screen.
5 X Log into KBO
6 X Open Chrome Browser
7 X Chrome .. Unlock Bitwarden Future.
8 X Chrome - log into email Also check for any emails from the host.
9 X Start Meeting If this meeting has a Waiting Room it must be done first
10 X Click on Meeting Invitation If this is a Join Anytime then BO can do setup while waiting for ZO to join - UNLESS the ZO is in another meeting
11 X MUTE Zoom on KBO, Display Chat and Participants Chat and Reactions are the ONLY way the ZO and BO can communicate.
12 X Make Studio a Co-Host
13 X Make Show Host and Main Guests a Co-Host (So they can unmute themselves)
14 X On Screen Share, UN-check 'any participant can share'

You can NOT talk to the zoom room except through the studio board, If you need to talk to the Host/Zoom Operator, use a cellphone to text, or join the meeting by phone.
Do NOT send any email to (except the invitation)

Normalize the Studio Board and Zoom

Step BO ZO SH Action Comment
15 X BOARD: MONO2 all DOWN except CH15 MONO2 UP, CH15 potted DOWN
16 X ZOOM audio MIC: MONO2-to-Computer 50%
Press Test Microphone and see if it varies with the ongoing Replay
Zoom Audio Controls - On the Mic button
17 X ZOOM OUTPUT: Computer to Board (CH15) 100%
Click CH15 External to CUE and turn up the CUE volume. Press Test Speaker and make sure you can hear the test tones on the CUE speaker
Unclick CUE when done

Brief Zoom and Studio Guests

Step BO ZO SH Action Comment
Remind Zoom attendees to MUTE unless TALKING ON AIR
18 X The ZO must handle the Waiting Room and Guests
19 X X X If the Zoom attendees need the volume of the studio sound adjusted (they should set their speaker volume). If needed BO can adjust MONO2-to-Computer to an agreed value

End the Old (replay) show and start the Zoom show

Step BO ZO SH Action Comment
20 X X Optionally record the meeting -- NOT onto the KBO computer
21 X UN-MUTE Zoom The Zoom audience can now hear the station, which will usually be the end of a replay
22 X Pot down CH17 Replay
23 X MIC1: if there is a gap, fill it.
24 X Station ID, Coming-up, Underwriters
25 X Play Intro music, POT UP CH15 External Everything on Zoom now goes ON AIR
26 X X X Do the show BO can play CD's, Take Phone Calls etc

Zoom Failure

Step BO ZO SH Action Comment
BO fill the dead air.
Host Dial in 707 263 3435
BO Hang up any phone calls
BO can ask any guest to continue
Only restore STUDIO Zoom after Host dials in
... UN-MUTE and CH15 UP
Only hang up the studio phone after you are sure zoom is working.

Zoom Bomb

Step BO ZO SH Action Comment

If anyone gets into the zoom meeting and tries to disrupt it, take immediate action. F-words are a $300,000 FCC penalty

31 X Pot down CH15
32 X Hit Mute ALL (Bottom of Participants sidebar): UN-check 'Allow participants to unmute themseleves'
33 X Pot up Ch15
34 X X Show Host, Studio and Main guests Un-mute
35 X Click on Zoom-Bomber '...' Remove

End Show and Pack Up

Step BO ZO SH Action Comment
36 X Goodbyes
37 X Start OUTRO Music. Pot DOWN CH15 External
38 X End Outro Music, Pot UP CH 17 for replay For a replay coming up
39 X MUTE Zoom Skip for a live show. You can Chat with the Zoom room.
40 X LEAVE Meeting For a live show, just leave
41 X END Meeting
42 X Normalize Board CH15 Down, Phones OFF, Take your CD's
43 X LOCK the screen
44 X Pack away Keyboard, Mouse, Camera
45 X Turn off Monitor