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1. Summary

This summary is initially a series of Videos, mostly recorded on Zoom.

There are three separate roles, which might be done by the same or different people.

BO: Board Operator
ZO: Zoom Operator / Owner
SH: Show Host.

If you want to do a Zoom show, you need to cover all three bases. Tip: do NOT try to do all three.

You will need various paswords. These will be distributed through the mailing list.

2. KBO Zoom Invitation

This is explained using Windows. Apple users will see something slightly different.


3. KBO logging into windows

If you turn the monitor on (the power strip as you come in) and the KBO screen shows either a Window with a BLUE background yor already logged in, and you can skip this step.

If the monitor is Blank, or if it shows a Windows screen with a RED background, then you need to do this: KPFZ Selecting the monitor

If you see a pretty picture, you can log in.


4. KBO Studio Walk-through

This video shows what you need to do when you come into the studio and do a Zoom show.

It presumes that you have already signed in and started Zoom.


5. KBO Start and Normalize Zoom

This shows how to set up and normalize zoom. It covers some of the same ground as the "walk-through", but from a computer perspective.


6. KBO Zoom Checklist

There are LOTS of things to do for a Zoom show. This checklist covers it step by step. Some of the details will be in other documents.

KBO Zoom Checklist

The full checklist is the MAIN document for all this. Everything else provides details or explanations.

There is a link at the bottom to show a printable version with page feeds. You should PRINT the checklist and go through it for every show.

7. KBO Zoom : What's Next?

If you want to zoom, assemble a team of one or more people who can do the three functions: Show Host, Zoom Operator and Board Operator.

Study the checklist and detailed documents, and make sure you and your team know how to do each step.

Email me at and I'll invite you to the list.

I can then give you an online zoom training session using my own computer, which is set up like the KBO computer. You can access that computer remotely while I watch you.